OSHA 10 Hour Safety Course

OSHA 10 hour training for workers and employers on the recognition and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces. There are courses for the construction or general industries.

Who is OSHA and why do I care?

Compliance with OSHA safety standards is federal law!
Learn about when and why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created. What role do they play in the modern day workforce? Why would I have a need to contact OSHA? Do OSHA inspectors really have horns and a third eye? While this training is not mandated by OSHA, you are required by law to adhere to the safety standards. However, OSHA safety training is fast becoming the norm in the construction and general industries.

The OSHA Standards

Compliance with OSHA safety standards is federal law!
Take a look at the standards or “safety rules” for the various industries. You will learn how to find answers to all those controversial, and often conflicting, rules people tell you to follow.

10 hour vs 30 hour

The 10 hour safety course is structured to cover the basic safety hazards and is directed primarily toward newer workers. This course helps to establish a strong safety minded worker early in his/her career. The 30 hour safety course is directed towards more experienced workers and especially those who may have safety decision making responsibilities.

Course Delivery and Topics

No Power Points Allowed!! (OK, maybe a few) Safety training that is engaging, interesting and even fun. Guest speakers, field trips and activities are used to bring the many dimensions of safety training to life. Students bring real life experiences to the course making it socially enjoyable as well. The curriculum covers most basic safety topics such as PPE, electrical hazards, hazardous communications, fall protection and more. The course lasts ten full contact hours and can be split into multiple days. It is typically one and a half days.